What do I do if I have a submission that doesn’t fit “cleanly” into Flood on Demand?

Flood is a unique coverage with many variables. Flood on Demand is built on underwriting logic, but there are always exceptions. Please contact us if there are any submissions that are unique or if there are specific questions about our guidelines.

Who is my contact for Flood on Demand?

Nick Sumbles (954-316-3221 or nsumbles@gridironins.com) – Primary Contact

David DeMott (954-473-3653 or ddemott@gridironins.com) – Backup Contact

How do I get a copy of a form that I would like to review?

Click on the Forms link in the side menu bar. All forms are available in PDF.

I made a mistake and bound something too fast, what do I do?

Contact Nick Sumbles or David DeMott per the contact information above.

Flood on Demand gave me a good quote, but I need to be a little better to compete, what do I do?

If it is a nice account, we are happy to discuss target pricing on accounts. Give us a call.

I’m having issues with the site functionality, what do I do?

Try using Firefox or another browser. Depending on your technology platform, certain browsers may work better. If an issue persists, please contact us and we will research the problem.